Condition Grades

Our in house IT engineers will ensure that each mac is professionally refurbished and is in perfect working order. 1 year standard hardware warranty included with each mac.

We have created a condition grading system in relation to the cosmetic conditions of the refurbished macs. Please note that this grading does not reflect the functional integrity of the unit. 


Grade AA - New like condition, unit can be passed on as a new unit with no signs of use, no scratches no scuffs, no signs of wear on the mac itself. Immaculate all around, Macbook batteries hold over 85% charge (4-5 hrs)

Grade A - Excellent condition, unit is very clean with light signs of use. No major scratches or scuffs. Clean screen and keypads, Macbook batteries hold over 80% charge (2-3 hrs).

Grade B - Good Condition, unit has some sign of light use that is visible, some scratches and scuffs are visible. Signs of light wear on keyboard and mouse tracker, Macbook batteries hold over 75% charge (1-3 hrs).

Grade C - Fair Condition, signs of use that is obviously visible, scratches and scuffs are visible. Signs of wear on keyboard and mouse tracker, Macbook batteries hold over 70% charge (1-3 hrs).

Hardware and software warranty certificate will be included with every mac. Including a certificate list of all the activated Adobe serial numbers.

Refurbishment process



All refurbished Mac are subjected to a strict testing and configuration process. All internal components including hard drive, RAMs, CPU, GPU, network connections and displays ports are thoroughly tested to ensure a fully functioning mac.

1. All macs are tested several times to make sure that all components are working perfectly.

2. Any Modules that are flagged with issues are replaced with new functioning parts. 

3. A fresh copy of Operating Software software is installed including the Software package.

4. Installed software are fully registered, activated and configured.

5. All macs are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and packaged with appropriate accessories.