Adobe Software - 128GB External USB Drive

Adobe Software - 128GB External USB Drive

128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Upto 150MB/s read speed


NOTE: This USB Drive is only compatible with Mac computers. Only for Mac

    • Specifications

      This is a perfect solution if you already have a mac but need access to an affordable Adobe software solutions.


      This USB Flash Drive has been configured and designed to be plugged into any host Mac unit (2010 newer) and allowing access to the installed Adobe software and storage capacity.


      The USB Flash Drive  comes pre-configured with all the Adobe software and its own macOS. The drive will load its own operating software on start-up so you will not have to worry about any incompatibility issues.


      This solution is perfect if you have multiple Macs at work or home as you can access the software via any host machine. Simply plug in and boot from the USB Flash Drive . 


      ➤ USB Flash Drive comes with its own macOS installed.

      ➤ Adobe software are fully installed and activated.

      ➤ Simply plug in and boot up from the USB Drive .

      ➤ Drive can also be used as a storage device for your files.

      ➤ Files saved on the drive are safer from file losses and corruptions.

      ➤ Drive can be used on multiple host macs, simply plug-in and boot.

      ➤ Instructions manual on how to use the Drive will be included.

    • Software

      The following software are included with the purchase of this USB Flash Drive. The software are fully activated versions that are pre-installed into the Drive with full access, functions and Add-ons. 


      No monthly or yearly subscription fees. You will own the software indefinitely and save on subscription fees.


      We offer unlimited software re-installation warranty protecting the software from any loss i.e corruption or Hard Drive failure. Free software re-installation service. Simply post back your USB Drive and we will re-install the software.


      NOTE:  The software licenses are bound to the drive, so they are non-transferable. We will include an certificate list of all the activated Adobe serial numbers.


      ➤ Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 - Fully activated Version

      ➤ Adobe Illustrator CS6 - Logo maker and vector drawing.

      ➤ Adobe Photoshop CS6  - Photo manipulation & editing.

      ➤ Adobe Photo Lightroom V5 - Digital photo processing.

      ➤ Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - Timeline-based video editor.


    • Included

      ➤ 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

      ➤ Adobe serial code certificate.

      ➤ Hardware and software warranty certificate. 

      ➤ Free Adobe software tutorial video pack Link (Video on all CS6 software).

    • Guarantees & Warranties

      To maintain our excellent customer service standards, we are offering the following guarantees with all our macs.


      Note: Hardware and software warranty certificate will be included.


      Installation Guarantee - The software listed are fully installed and permanently activated for unlimited use. No monthly or Yearly subscription Fees.


      Software Guarantee - Software re-installation warranty covering software loss e.i corruption & HDD failure. Free re-installation service throughout the life time of the Mac.


      Hardware Guarantee - 1 Year warranty covering all hardware issues, Free collection & repair. 


      Delivery Guarantee - 24 Hrs fully insured delivery service. All Losses and damages covered.


      Money back Guarantee - 30 days "No fuss" 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.


      Free Return Guarantee - Free Parcelforce collection for all Returns. No return postage cost.

    • Returns & Postage

      We offer 30 days ‘No fuss’ money back guarantee ensuring a full refund if the product fails to meet the standards as promised.


      We offer Free Parcelforce collection for all Returns. 


      We welcome our customers to try our unbeatable package for 30 days or 100% money back Guarantee. Zero risk.


      For more answers please visit our FAQ section or CONTACT US.

    • Payment Options

      We accept Debit & Credit card payments via PayPal system. PayPal account not required.


      For faster and easier transaction please pay using your existing PayPal account.


      For financing options, you can apply for PayPal 0% for 4 months offer. You will be able to spread the cost of the purchase over 4 months with 0% interest.   


    30 Days free Trial 100% Money back guarantee.

    Activated & registered 

    Adobe software.

    1 Year full Hardware 

    warranty. Free Repair. 

    Unlimited software

    re-instillation service.

    Free 24Hrs insured delivery.

    Free Return Collections.

    Apply and Pay with 0% for 4 Months


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